Friday, July 30, 2010

Yellowstone Bears

You may have heard there was a fatal bear attack just outside of Yellowstone on Wednesday. Well, we passed the Soda Butte campgrounds where it happened on our drive out of Yellowstone to Red Lodge, over the incredible Beartooth Highway. We drove through Tuesday, and the bear attacks were sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Of course, we never were camping or hiking in the back country, so the danger to us was minimal. We also saw lots of people swimming and wading in the Firehole River, where a young woman drowned. Wow, Yellowstone was a dangerous place while we were there! It is always a dangerous place, and too often we forget that the National Park Service's mission to keep America's wild places wild means that these thing do happen. How sad for the families of those affected and for the bears that will now be put down.

More to post soon about the amazing Mount Rushmore evening ceremony we witnessed Wednesday night, and our drive to Cheyenne yesterday (with prairie dog pictures!). We're off to the largest rodeo in the U.S. today, then driving to Estes Park to see the elk. Until the next post, enjoy these wildflower photos - this is an amazing time of year for wildflowers out here!

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  1. I never thought that anything like this could happen however wild is wild and we are not able to predict how an animal could react. Aside from this Yellowstone is still my favourite place.

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